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Become Huntly’s Recruiting Partner and unlock exclusive bonuses

Want to get more than our standard $1,000-$4,000 bonuses for successful referrals?

Join the rapidly growing network of 20+ Huntly Partners!

What bonuses will you receive after becoming a Huntly Partner?

More money!
Have a great candidate? Earn $5 just by uploading them to a Hot Vacancy
Earn $5 for each relevant resume that matches the criteria of a hot vacancy. Refer qualified candidates and boost your earning.
Earn 2X more: $200 by referring a New User
As a valued member of our recruitment community, you can receive a 2X bonus for each new user you bring to Huntly. Earn a $200 reward today.
$2000 reward for a client referral
For every successful closure resulting from a client referral, the recruiter will receive a $2000 bonus. This is twice as big as the ordinary Huntly user gets and applies to the first three closures made.
And other perks...
2 days of priority access to new vacancies
As a valued recruiter, you'll have exclusive 2-day priority access to review and submit candidates for any newly posted vacancy. Stay ahead of the competition and increase your chances of successful placements.
Your free promotion as a Partner on social media
Get a free social media promotion as a Partner! Let us showcase your profile and services, helping you shine in the recruitment community.

How to Become a Huntly Partner?


Fill in the form for Huntly’s Partners


Add «Huntly Partner» to your experience on LinkedIn


Let us know when you’re done


Get access to special bonuses for Huntly’s Partners


Congrats! Now you’re officially a Partner of Huntly!

Want to become a Huntly Partner?

Fill in the form below and start reaping exclusive benefits today:

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